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Bowed Stud Repair and Prevention

What is a bowed stud repair and when it is needed?  Have you ever tried hanging a picture over a bowed wall or a wall with a hump in it?  Or maybe you’ve tried to install cabinets over a wall with a bow in it?  It can really be a challenge to get the cabinets to look good when the wall is less than perfect.  Most of these problems are created by a bowed stud within the wall.  So how can you fix these problems when they occur and, better yet, how can you prevent them from happening in your new building projects?

In this video we discuss a few builder tips for a bowed stud repair in an existing wall.  This would include wall surface repairs with drywall mud and also removing drywall board to minimize the affect of the bowed studs.

Because a bowed stud repair is not easy in a finished wall, we share with you tips for preventing them altogether in your new building projects.  With a few simple quality inspections, you can minimize bowed studs in your new home or addition.  These inspections only take a few minutes at the frame stage and only require a six foot level to complete.

Check out our new video for your info on how to complete your bowed stud repair.



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