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Have you experienced water spots on your ceilings after a windy, snowy day?  Believe it or not, the cause could be attic snow.  Many people jump to the wrong conclusion that the roof is leaking.  This can lead to expensive repairs that won't solve the problem.   

When conditions are just right, and you have ridge vents on your roof, snow can accumulate in your attic. In this video, we discuss the ridge vent system and how it can lead to attic snow.  Ridge vents are a great way to ventilate your attic space while creating a clean look to your roof.  Nobody likes those big, bulky square or round vents on the roof. But they can lead to attic snow in some instances.

Before you decide to replace your ridge vents, or go with a different venting system for your new home, check out this video.  We talk about how and when to check to see if you are getting snow in the attic and discuss preventative measures with existing and new homes.

Don't waste money on roof repairs before checking out this video.  A ridge vent is a great way to ventilate your attic, but if it's not properly installed, it can lead to attic snow.  And when the snow gets will eventually melt, causing damage and possibly mold.

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