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Installing Tile That Looks Like Hardwood

Have you seen some of the new tile that looks like hardwood?  We would never install hardwood in a space that has moisture or the potential for moisture.  This includes basements, bathrooms, and outdoor locations.  But now there is a tile that looks like hardwood.  That's right.  This porcelain tile comes in long skinny lenghts with the look of hardwood embossed on the surface.  The material can be installed in moist environments because it won't warp or degrade like hardwood.  It also has a surface that provides enough friction to help prevent slips when the surface is wet.  

Watch our video to learn more about how we went about installing this tile to give our new contemporary bath the look of hardwood without the warping, delaminating, and cupping sometimes associated with wood.  If you're thinking about installing tile that looks like hardwood, check out this video sharing our latest project.



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