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We would love to hear from you! Owner-Builders, DIY'ers, Homeowners, Potential Business Partners (Advertisers, Sponsors, Product Manufacturers, Service Providers, Bloggers), Media outlets, and anyone else who has a question or comment for Armchair Builder.

Building & Repair Questions:  Be sure to include as much information as possible about your question including the city and state you live in (to determine climate and typical building methods), type of home including materials used, age of the home, pictures...etc. You really can't provide too much information. (just let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous) By answering your questions on our site, we can help other people in similar circumstances. If you are asking for help with a question regarding a home or project, we retain the right to use any materials, pictures, and information you send to us publicly on the website now and in perpetuity (without any compensation to you). 

Future Business Partners/Advertisers: Our objective at is to provide our followers with the latest and greatest information on building to help them manage the construction and repair of their building projects. Our intention is to help people save money and time while creating a quality home that will last. So, if you have a quality product or service that will help them with those objectives, please contact us.  

Share Your Project With Us: We enjoy seeing the projects that owner builders are working on so go ahead and send us pictures and a description. Share with us what worked and what didn't work. Again, we reserve the right to share this publicly on our site so your fellow owner-builders can see that great things are possible. By submitting your project information and pictures, you grant us the right to use them publicly on our site for now and in perpetuity without any compensation to you.   

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