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Build Your Own House.  The Building Consultant.

When you build your own house, a professional building consultant can help you with a whole host of things.  A building consultant can help you find quality local trades and suppliers, help you with local building codes and methods, and manage your schedule and quality.

This video discusses the option of using a building consultant to help you build your own house. We discuss what qualifications to look for in a building consultant and how to go about finding one. Lastly, we explore how much this will cost and potential ways to structure the relationship.

You can build your own house even if you have no background in residential construction.  The key is...make sure you have someone you can go to when an issue arises.  A building consultant can be paid by the hour if you need them very little or they can be paid a specific lump sump to handle the project.  If you need your consultant for much of the bidding, scheduling and quality control, we recommend you work out a lump sum price.

When you build your own house, your building consultant will be one of the most important people on your team.


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