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Bid Sheet Sample

Sample Bid Sheet for Drywall


As you can see, the Drywall Bid Sheet really gets the nitty gritty out of the drywall company that is providing the bid. You find out exactly what they charge for each type of drwyall board and finish per square foot.  This will help you easily estimate your cost for any changes you think you might want to make.  Want to add another 100 square feet to you finished basement?  Now you know how much more the drywall and paint will cost!  Or maybe you want to texture the you have the cost.

Not sure if you are going to add drywall to the jambs of your windows?  With the drywall bid sheet, you know how much it will cost...and you know what your credit will be if you decide to delete them and go with wood jambs!

With the Drywall Bid Sheet, you also have the total cost of materials, just in case you want to pay the supplier yourself.  You don't want to end up with a bill for the drywall material, when you thought the installer was going to pay for it.  Check out the note on the bid sheet that tells the drywall company that they should include all material, labor, tax and delivery.  This is huge!  If you get a bid that doesn't include all of these, you might end up going with a bid that isn't your best price!

Buy our bid sheets and you won't be disappointed.  From basement finishing to remodeling, they are are a great tool for all of your projects!  Be sure to read our Disclaimer at the bottom of our E-Store page prior to purchase. 




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