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How to Finish Your Basement

This video introduces you to the Armchair Builder series of videos on how to finish your basement. Converting your basement to living space is often the most affordable option for expanding your square footage.  In this series of videos, we take you step by step showing you how to take on the general contractor role to finish your basement.

We discuss how to finish your basement without having to spend the extra money on a general contractor.  We discuss how you can manage the process, and possibly do some of the work yourself, and save big money.  Are you wanting to finish your basement inexpensively?  With our videos, you can for as little as $8 per square foot.

Our videos on how to finish your basement will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that you may encounter without having a professional oversee the work.  With a little help, you can successfully manage the project yourself.  Here our some links to other videos on how to finish your basement...

Pre-Planning to Finish Your Basement

The Finished Basement Plan & Layout

Preventing Wet Basements

Getting Bids for Your Basement Finish

The Schedule to Finish Your Basement

Framing a Basement

Electrical and HVAC for Basement Finish

Insulating Your Finished Basement

Drywall Quality Check



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