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Installing Insulation

In this video we share with you our quality checklist for installing insulation when finishing a basement.  The insulation in your finished basement project will help make your new space warm and cozy as long as it's done properly.  Since you are managing your basement build-out as an owner-builder, you need to perform the quality checks to ensure the job is done right.

We discuss frequent problems to look for when installing insulation from compressed batts to improper cuts that leave gaps.  We review where to use expandable foam versus installing insulation batts.  We also discuss the kraft paper and which way it should face when installing insulation in a basement finish.

Installing insulation is a crucial step in any finished basement project.  Along with your properly sized heating system, installing insulation in your basement project will keep your space warm and cozy in the winter.  

Noise transmission can also be reduced from the floor above by installing insulation in your new space.  If you want the best possible insulation system for your new basement, you may want to start with a foam board up against the foundation wall prior to framing.  Check out this Armchair Builder article for more information...Basement Insulation:  What Kind to Use?


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