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Pre-Planning for Your Finished Basement, Part II

With proper pre-planning, we can build a quality finished basement that will last.  In this video we review Pre-Planning Your Finished Basement Part I and continue with our inspection for moisture and structural issues.  We also discuss locating any mechanical obstructions that will need to be incorporated into the plan.

You will want to make certain that all dampers for ductwork, shutoffs for water, and cleanouts for sewer be labeled on your plan so you will have access to them in the future.  

You will also want to review your options for your finished basement ceiling.  Do you need access to the mechanicals in the future?  Have you thought about soundproofing your basement ceiling?  If you install a suspended/dropped ceiling, will you have enough headroom?  We explore the different ceiling options for your new finished basement including drywalled, dropped, and loft.

You will want to review the video before starting your new finished basement project.  Be sure to check out our other basement finishing videos below...


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