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Build Your Own Home

This video helps answer your questions about becoming an owner builder and should help get you on the path to build your own home. We discuss the major reasons for taking on the role of the owner builder managing the construction process yourself including…

*Save some serious money!  When you build your own home you can save anywhere from 10-20%

*Pride.  You will feel a tremendous sense of pride. 

*Control who does the work.  When you build your own home you are in complete control of the project.  You can hire your brother-n-law to do the plumbing.  Most general contractors won't let you hire just anyone...they have loyalties to their usual subcontractors. When you build your own home, you make the call. 

*Get exactly what you want.  Don't get stuck with a general contractor's supplier agreements or plans.  Build your own home and choose each and every product that goes into your dream home.  The sky is the limit.

*When we say, "Build your own home", we don't mean you do all the work yourself.  Owner builders get to choose whether they do some of the labor themselves or subcontract out all the work.  You may choose to do some work that you are good at or you like.  This will increase your overall savings.

This video attempts to answer the most frequently asked owner builder questions.  After all building a home can be a tremendous amount of work and can take up a considerable amount of your time.  Hopefully after watching this video, you will have a better understanding of what it means to build your home.

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