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Basement Electrical & HVAC

This video discusses the quality checks that are required for the basement electrical and HVAC rough-ins. Since it will be difficult to get to these once the drywall goes up, you need to take the time to make sure everything is where we want it to be before insulating.

Here we take a look at an actual project and discuss basement electrical outlet locations as well as the height and locations of wall sconces.  We review wiring enclosed in conduit and why it is required to be installed in some basement electrical systems.

We discuss the orientation and location of wall outlets and the code minimum for outlet spacing.  We look at the main basement electrical panel and show how to determine if you have adequate capactity for your new basement space.  Does your basement electrical panel have knockouts left? 

What about your current basement ductwork?  We share with you some tips for sealing up the existing ducts to improve efficiency.  Now's the time to do it if you are installing a ceiling. 

If you haven't already, stop by our basement finishing resources page for more information to help you save money and time.

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