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Carpet Quality Check

In this video we describe how to perform a proper carpet quality check as the owner-builder of your new finished basement. We also review the required pre-carpet activities including sealing up the concrete slab.

Some people don't like the idea of installing carpet in a basement.  As long as you have eliminated any water and moisture issues, you shouldn't have a problem.  Carpet is one of the most affordable options that can really give a warm feel to your new space.

In this video we talk about some of the things homeowners may not be aware of and cover key things to look for in a quality installation.  From seams to consequential damage, we cover it all.  

Did you know most carpet comes in roles that are twelve feet wide?  By looking at the dimensions of your new space, you can determine the best place for seams.  Part of your carpet quality check will be to make certain the seams aren't placed in high traffic areas.

Check out the carpet quality check video to ensure your new project makes the grade.

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