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Shower valve replacement can be a messy process.  We're not talking about replacing a shower cartridge...we are referring to a complete shower valve replacement.  If you want to update the look of your shower (or tub/shower) to a new faucet manufacturer and model, you will most likely need to replace the valve inside the wall.  So what are some things that can make this project easier?  In this video, we discuss several tips to help with your shower valve replacement...

First, make sure you have access for the shower valve replacement.  You will need a minimum wall opening size of 12" by 12" (and probably bigger depending on the make and model).  In the video, we discuss a builder tip for accessing the valve from behind the wall to minimize damage to tiles, cement board and drywall.

A compression tool might be a great alternative for making the joints for your new shower valve replacement.  We share with you a video that shows how this tool works and why it is a good idea for working in confined spaces like in a shower valve replacement.

What kinds of information will your plumber need to know to do a quality job on your shower valve replacement?  He/she will want to know the thickness of both the backer board and the wall finish material, whether you are using tile, stone slabs...etc. 

If you want to save some hassle and avoid having to do a valve replacement but want to update the faucet, check out our video, shower faucet trim replacement.



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