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New Home Schedule Resource

The new home schedule is probably the most important part of your building project.  It communicates what should be done and when, while making sure a quality home is built as quickly as possible.  Every day you shave off the build time saves on expensive costs like loan interest, insurance, duplicate housing costs, storage, portable toilets...etc. 

In this video we introduce you to the Armchair Builder New Home Schedule resource.  This tool includes our schedule for building a two story home with a basement.  We share the schedule in chronological list view and show the major building activities on a monthly schedule for the entire process.  This will help you to understand the relationships between the activities and see how work flows.

The New Home Schedule resource also describes each building activity to let you know what is being done each day during construction.  And for the building activities that are less understood, we include the rational behind the flow of the schedule. Some of the questions answered by the New Home Schedule resource are...

  • How long does it take to build the average home?
  • When should the major quality inspections take place?
  • When does the local inspector want to see my new home?

Check out the video to see how the New Home Schedule resource can help you.


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