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Build Your Own House:  Assemble Your Team

It's possible to build your own house as an owner builder.  The trick is to hire a support team to help you with items you don't have time to do, don't want to do, or just don't have the skills to do.  A general contractor has a group of people to help them build homes.  These professionals range from attorneys to bank loan officers and they each perform of certain function.  Why shouldn't you hire these same people as an owner builder?  

While performing the role of the owner builder, we want you to be the manager.  You will be the quarterback when you build your own house which means we don’t expect you to be an expert at everything.  Instead, we want you to hire and provide direction to the experts.

You may be saying to yourself...If I build my own house with the help of all these people, how am I going to save any money?  Don't forget, builders need to hire this same support staff and the costs are paid for by the home buyer in overheads and house costs.  So, when the owner builder hires this same support staff, they will come out of the budget much the same way.

This video discusses how you go about assembling the team as an owner builder to help build your own house.

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