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Preventing Wet Basements

This video gives tips for preventing wet basements.  If we are going to put time, effort and money into finishing our basement, you need to make sure you take the proper steps to keep the moisture out. There is nothing worse than having to remove new carpet, drywall, and insulation because water made its way into your home. 

One of the easiest methods for preventing wet basements is with a backup sump pump.  A battery operated backup sump pump can be installed for around $350-500 and will help in preventing wet basements during a storm with a power outage.  Major storms typically bring power outages and the battery backup system is essential for these events.

Another great option for preventing wet bsements is the water alarm.  A water alarm has a sensor located at the sump crock lid that will tell you when water is present.  For $10-15 and five minutes of your time, you can install an alarm that will sound when water makes its way to the top of the sump crock.  The first step to correcting a problem is knowing you have one.  Don't let a pump failure ruin your new basement finish.  A few other basement finishing videos...

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