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A new frameless shower door installation is a great way to give your new bathroom a custom look.  If you are unfamiliar with the term frameless, think about the last high-end hotel you stayed in.  They typically have these glass shower enclosures installed in the bathrooms.  The term frameless just means there are no metal supports at the top or sides of the glass.  The only metal is in the hinges, handle and support brackets.  It provides a really clean look for any new bathroom.

Big Savings

The best part about the frameless shower door installation in this video is the price.  These frameless enclosures typically run in the thousands of dollars to have installed.  The high price is mainly due to the custom fitting required from a glass company.  The kit we show here in the video does not require any custom cutting of the glass so it is possible for a dedicated DIY'er to install with the help of a friend.  This translates into a savings of hundreds of dollars.


This frameless shower door installation is relatively easy.  The kit we used in the video is for a five foot wide tub shower enclosure.  If you are re-tiling your shower, this makes installation even easier...although it's not completely necessary.  You will need some common tools, about two hours of time, and a friend to help hold the glass in place as you secure them.  

You really can create a high-end custom look for less than $500 with your new frameless shower door installation.


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