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Welcome to Armchair Builder!

Build Your Own Home

Options for Building a New Home

Building a Home:  A Step by Step Guide

Owner Builder Savings Today

What Qualifications Do I Need?

How Much to Spend?

Choosing a Lot or Land

Lot Purchase Part I

Lot Purchase Part II

House Plans

Estimating Costs

Subcontracting: Bidding out Work 

Finding Quality Subcontractors
The Subcontract

The Schedule

New Home Schedule Resource

The Builder’s Daily Construction Guide

Owner Builder Permit Scams

Assemble your team

Builder Consultant
Soils Engineer
Real Estate Broker
Bank Loan Officer
Civil Engineer

Finish Your Basement

Finish Your Basement, Pre-Planning Part I

Finish Your Basement, Pre-Planning Part II

The Finished Basement Plan

Finish Your Basement, Moisture Control

Finish Your Basement, Getting Bids, Part I

Finish Your Basement, Getting Bids, Part II

Finish Your Basement, The Schedule

Finish Your Basement, Frame Quality Check

Finish Your Basement, Rough Mechanical Quality Check

Finish Your Basement, Insulation Quality Check

Finish Your Basement, Drywall Quality Check

Finish Your Basement, Trim Carpentry Quality Check

Finish Your Basement, Carpet Quality Check

Kitchen:  Glass Tile Backsplash Installation

Bath Remodel:  Low Cost Ideas

Vanities: Quality Considerations

DIY Mirror Frame with Glass Tile

Tile Installation without Thin-set Mortar

Remnant Stone Savings

Create a Leak-free Tile Shower

Frameless Tub Shower Enclosure Installation

Shower Remodel Video Series Introduction

Shower Valve Replacement

Tub and Shower Faucet Trim Replacement

Mirror Framing

Trim Ideas for Your Bath Remodel

Shower Tile Backer...What Not to Use

Tile Backer Board Installation Tips

Wall Stone Installation

Wine Bar Installation, Part I

Wine Bar Installation, Part II

Snow in Your Attic?

Molding Ideas

Tile That Looks Like Hardwood

Home Update:  Glass Tile Art Niche

Building a Retaining Wall

Hurricane House: Building Wind Resistant Homes

California Corner: Advanced Framing Techniques

What is a Swale?

Habitat for Humanity Maui, Interview

Drain Tile and Your Basement

The Green Home

Building for Resale


This video introduces you to Armchair Builder and helps answer the questions….

  • What can Armchair Builder do for me?
  • I want to be the general contractor and build my own home.  Can you help?
  • What resources do you have that can help me build my own home, addition, or finished basement?
  • Why should I listen to this guy?  
  • Before I build my own home, I need to repair my existing place to sell.  Can you help me solve my existing home problems?

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Box_Shot_3.jpgHow would you like to build your own home?  We have some one-of-a-kind resources available to your at our ESTORE.  From help for purchasing your building site to essential quality checks during construction, we have the resources you need.  Stop by our ESTORE to check them out.


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