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A new shower remodel can bring life back to an old boring bathroom.  This video is the introduction to our new series covering our latest contemporary bath and shower remodel.  In this series of videos, we test out some new products that can save you time and money when remodeling your bathroom.

Have you ever seen tile installed without a thinset mortar?  We will be reviewing a material that goes up like wallpaper and takes the place of messy thinset adhesive when installing wall tile in your new shower remodel.

Would you like the look of a frameless shower enclosure for your new shower remodel?  But maybe you don't like the price that comes with this custom glass surround?  We will share with you a product that can be installed for less than five hundred bucks and looks like the two thousand dollar jobs.

Check out our shower remodel video series for some interesting ideas for your bathroom.


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