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Pre-Planning for Finishing Your Basement, Part I

Finishing your basement is one of the least expensive ways to add new living space to your home. In this video, we focus on the planning required for finishing your basement.  We talk about things that you absolutely must include in your new design including access panels for shutoffs and adjustments, and access doors for maintenance and replacement of equipment.  We also discuss ways to save money on the design for finishing your basement.

In this video we cover items to review with your foundation to make sure you don't cover up a problem while finishing your basement.  The last thing you need is to cover up an issue that will later require you to tear apart your new quality finishes.  Moisture and foundation problems need to be addressed before you start your project.

With the proper pre-planning,  your new project will last for years with little maintenancce.  We have some great videos and resources here to help you save time and money on your project.  Stop by the Armchair Builder ESTORE to see our one-of-a-kind products.  Our visit our Basement Finishing resource page for more details.

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