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Your lot purchase is typically the first step to building your own home.  There are many things to investigage when reviewing potential properties like schools and proximity to transporation.  But what about some of the less obvious things like utility availability?  In this video we discuss some of the key items professional builders review prior to lot purchase.

Your lot purchase should include a review of the topography of the property.  How will the slope on the lot affect drainage?  Will your home plan work with this particular site?  These are the questions you should be asking before your lot purchase.

When a given lot has a steep slope over a small distance, you will need to include additional costs to your budget.  Retaining walls may be necessary to safely transition the grade.  You may also need fill material to level out the lot near the walls.  Your house plan should be selected to fit the particular building site you ultimately choose.

Another very important item we cover is fill material.  Has the particular lot been filled and if so, was it compacted properly?  If proper compaction wasn't obtained, your new home could have major structural problems in the future as it settles.




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