Build Your Own House:  The Attorney

The attorney plays an important role for you as the owner-builder who wants to build your own house.  The attorney can keep you from getting into several different kinds of legal.  Your attorney will review subcontracts to make sure your interests are taken into consideration.  

Your attorney will also review your title insurance coverage to make sure you are protected from any liens that might come up on your owner-builder project.  Liens can attach to your property making it difficult to transfer title in the future.  

When you build your own house, you will also want your attorney to review your general liability coverage to make sure you are protected should an accident occur.  Lawsuits can come up years after a project is completed so you don't want to overlook this important review.  Your attorney will also make sure your contract has the appropriate insurance clauses for your subcontractors.

One other consideration you may want to discuss with your attorney...the different legal forms of ownership for your new property while you build your own house.  Accidents can it might be a good idea to put the home into a legal entity that will help protect your personal assets during construction.

The last item we discuss in this video is the review of the real estate contract by your attorney.  If you have a professional review all of these items for you as an owner-builder, you will better protect yourself as you build your own house.

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