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Tile backer board installation can be easy with the proper technique.  In this video we share some builder tips for getting the job done correctly.  A quality shower tile project starts with a solid substrate.  We use cement backer board for tile installation because the material won't warp, soften, swell, rot, delaminate, or disintegrate when exposed to water.  Check out our tips in this video for backer board installation.

Tile Backer Board Installation Tips 

  • purchase the right thickness
  • avoid breathing silica dust (health concern)
  • install a minimum of 6 feet above shower floor
  • fasten every 8 inches w/noncorrosive screws
  • don't force sheets into place
  • leave 1/4 inch gap at tub surface or shower pan
  • level out seams

After watching this video, you should be well on your way to a quality tile backer board installation.  Be sure to also watch our video, Create a Leak Free Shower, that discusses waterproofing and other quality tile installation methods for keeping the water where it belongs.  If you choose not to use a waterproofing over top of the backer board (we highly recommend using waterproofing) you may want to consider using a vapor barrier over the wall prior to installing the backer board.


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