Build Your Own Home as the General Contractor


You really can build your own home by taking on the role of the general contractor.  With the right resources, you will save time and get exactly what you want.  The Complete Armchair Builder Product Package includes:

  • Step by step guide to building a home
  • Lot purchase guide
  • Schedule
  • Sample budgets
  • Bid sheets
  • Daily construction guide with quality checklists, and so much more.

Get the complete package today for just $97.99, a small price to help you save thousands on your dream home!  Our digital products (pdf) are available for immediate download giving you quick access to our money and time saving resources.  

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But can you really build your own home?  Don't you need a license?  What kind of experience do you need to become an owner builder?  We have compiled some of our best videos and articles below to answer these questions and help you build your own home. 

Stuff You Need

Here are the critical resources you need to manage the process when you build your own home...

Building a Home:  A Step by Step Guide - takes you through the complete process from house design and budget creation to quality checks for each building activity

Lot Purchase Guide - the secrets for avoiding hassles and extra cost when purchasing a building site

New Home Schedule Resource - gives you the professional builder's schedule for building a quality home

New Home Budget - provides all of the activities and costs required to build your new home and includes typical percentages of the total for each cost to see if your budget is in-line with the averages

Bid Sheets - helps the owner builder save money by allowing them to quickly and easily review and compare multiple bids from subcontractors, and ensures everything is included in each bid

Scopes of Work And Specifications:  defines exactly how you want the work to be done and helps prevent miscommunications and potential problems

The Builder's Daily Construction Guide: a day to day checklist for quality inspections and communications with subcontractors while you build your own home

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Product Sale to Build Your Own Home as an Owner Builder!

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All of the Armchair Builder products in the package were created to work together.  Michael created them to save time and money on his projects.  They were perfected from his experience of building and remodeling thousands of homes.  Trust us, you will save way more on your project than the cost of the products themselves.

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After going through our secure checkout, you will be emailed the links to download the product within minutes.  All you need is Adobe Reader which is available for free online.  If you want to learn more about these products through videos and samples, check out our ESTORE.

If you are serious about wanting to build your own house, don't put your trust in a book or website that was created from an owner builder who has built one or two houses.  We have the experience of building hundreds of homes, so we know what works and what doesn't.  

We have applied our experience to these resources to give you the best help available to build your own home.  Our videos, articles, and digital resources were created to save you thousands on your new home and The Complete Armchair Builder Product Package will cost you less than a hundred bucks. It's a small price to pay for years of building experience.  

Save time, money and hassles with our one-of-a-kind resources to build your own home.  Buy the Complete Armchair Builder Product Package today and start your successful owner builder project today.

If you are still looking for a house plan, and you are interested in a kit home, we have a new project we will be launching in 2019 called Open Book Build.  Stay tuned.


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