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Tile Installation Without Thinset Mortar

Tile installation without thinset mortar is possible with a new product.  Here we review Bondera Tile Mat Set for tile installation in a shower.  We show you how we prepped our shower prior to installation and how we applied the sheets of Bondera to the wall.  

Bondera comes in a 12" roll with sticky backing on both sides of the materal. We started at the bottom of the wall and worked our way up...first cutting our sheets to fit the wall, and then pulling the top of the protective covering off the back as we set them into place.    

Some of the advantages to using Bondera Tile Mat Set versus thin set mortar for tile installation include...

  • provides crack resistance for cracks in the substrate up to 1/8"
  • provides waterproof barrier behind the tile when used with seam tape
  • replaces messy mortar used in traditional tile jobs and is good when water isn't available
  • you grout the same day so you can complete a job in one need to wait
  • no time crunch as with thin set mortar since the adhesive stays sticky

If you have a tile installation project coming up and you're considering installation without thinset mortar, you may want to checkout this video.




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