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Framing a Basement

How do you make sure you get a quality job when framing a basement?  The most important element in creating a quality finished basement is the framing.  All of the finishes you see when the project is complete are affected by the rough carpentry quality.  In this video we discuss how the owner-builder goes about checking the most important items in the basement framing activity.

Your basement framing should be level, plumb and square...but that's only the beginning.  Has your contractor left a space between the studs and the concrete wall?  Is the bottom plate on the wall treated?  Are all of your mechanicals that require future access framed out?  These are just a few of the essential items we discuss in this video on basement framing.

Whether you decide to provide your own labor for your basement framing or hire a contractor to do it, we will share with you tips for getting a quality job.  

 Pre-Planning to Finish Your Basement

 The Finished Basement Plan & Layout

 Preventing Wet Basements

 Getting Bids for Your Basement Finish

 The Schedule to Finish Your Basement

 Framing a Basement

 Electrical and HVAC for Basement Finish

 Insulating Your Finished Basement

 Drywall Quality Check


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