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Drywall Quality Check

Performing a proper drywall quality check is important in any project.  Because the walls of your new finished basement space are the first thing you see, it's best to make sure everything is done properly.  You don't want a sloppy hanging or finishing job to take away from you new space.  So what should a drywall quality check look like?  What kinds of things are important for a quality look that will last?

In this video we describe how to perform a proper drywall quality check in your new finished basement.  We discuss proper hanging and finishing as well as preparation for painting the walls.  Is it better to hang the drywall board horizontally or vertically?  What can you do when hanging the board to make sure it doesn't take on moisture from the floor?

Drywall is one of the building activities that we overlook...until there's a problem.  Watch the video to learn some builder tips for a proper drywall quality check in your new project.



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