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The Schedule for Finishing a Basement

When you're finishing your basement as an owner-builder, it's important to have a written schedule that tells each subcontractor when you want the work to be done. The schedule will help you finish your project as quickly as possible. This video goes through a typical schedule for a finished basement, describing each activity along with the duration.

Benefits of having a schedule for finishing your basement:

  • Time:  Finish in weeks, not months
  • Money:  Save on equipment rental, building permit extensions,..etc.
  • Use:  Why wait months to use your new space when you can have it much sooner?
  • Hassle:  Finishing your basement can be a messy the sooner you finish, the better.

Sure, finishing your basement is totally doable without a schedule.  It's also possible to build a house without using tools...but most people wouldn't do it.  Save time, money and hassles by using a written schedule for building your new basement space.  Watch this video to learn more about how a basement finishing schedule works.

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