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If you're thinking about building a new home, it's important to know all of the options available to you.  In this video Michael discusses the three major ways to create your dream home.  He shares some of the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision about which might best fit you and your situation. 

Obviously you can hire a full service general contractor when building a new home.  In this case, your only true responsibility will be to pick out colors and options.  You will pay for this level of service, but if you are really busy and don't want the additional stress, this may be exactly right for you.

However if you are building a new home, have some extra time and want more control, there are several other options to consider.  In this video Michael touches on the major options you have to choose from and then describes what he feels is the ultimate option that provides a more customized approach to the project.  This hybrid option for building a new home can be a great way to get exactly what you want while maximixing your cost savings.



Stop by the How to Build Your Own Home resources page for some great articles and videos to help you become an owner builder.  You really can build your own home with a little help.  We are also covering all of the steps to build a new home at our Blog.  From choosing a plan and creating a budget to the rough-in of mechanicals, we are going through the complete process.


Did you know we have created some one-of-a-kind resources to help you build your own home?  These were created by a professional builder to level the playing field so owner builders can save money and get what they want.  Stop by our ESTORE to see what's available to you.

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