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Getting Bids for Your Finished Basement, Part II

The Scopes of Work and Specifications are an integral part of any new building project. They allow us to save money and build a quality project. This document will be used to define the work to be done as well as the quality expected for each trade.

How do you make sure the companies working on your project know what you expect?  Does your cabinet installer know you want a three piece crown molding on your cabinets?  Does (s)he know they must supply their own tools, nails, glue and shims?  All of these items are covered in your Scopes of Work and Specifications.

Check out this video to learn more about how the Scopes of Work and Specifications will save you time and hassles on your next project.  And if you are interested in purchasing a complete set of Scopes to get you started on your next project, stop by our ESTORE.  They will need to be adjusted for your particular project, but they will give you a great start!

 Pre-Planning to Finish Your Basement

 The Finished Basement Plan & Layout

 Preventing Wet Basements

 Getting Bids for Your Basement Finish

 The Schedule to Finish Your Basement

 Framing a Basement

 Electrical and HVAC for Basement Finish

 Insulating Your Finished Basement

 Drywall Quality Check


Box_Shot_Scopes_of_Work.jpgCheck out this video to see how a detailed scopes of work and specification can help you with your building projects.  Whether you are finishing a basement or building a custom home, the Scopes of Work and Specifications are critical to your success.  Check out a sample Scopes of Work and Specification here.


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