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Trim Carpentry Quality Check

This video discusses how to perform a trim carpentry quality check in your new finished basement project.  What does a properly installed door look like?  Where should the shims be installed on an interior door installation and how is it secured into the rough opening?

How high off the floor should the base molding be installed if you are using carpet in your new basement?  Should your trim carpenter use glue to secure the trim?  These a just a few of the items we cover in this video on trim carpentry for your basement finishing project.

If you have designed your new space to have the open ceiling (a.k.a. urban loft look), you may want to install some trim at the top of the wall to finish off the rough drywall edge.  We show you how we did it in our finished basement project.  The trim carpentry quality check is important to ensure the overall finished project looks good without any extra hassles.

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