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Have you ever heard of a California corner?  How about an energy ladder?  Although simple, these advanced framing techniques will help you build an energy efficient, hiqh quality new home.

In this video, we discuss the problems associated with outdated house framing methods.  Placing just one stud in the wrong orientation can lead to big energy loss, higher utility bills, and the potential for condensation and even frost on interior walls.

Have you ever heard of a cold corner?  Here we discuss what causes cold corners in homes.  We show you how the California corner can alleviate this problem.  

So what does a California corner cost?  In this video, we discuss how the only cost associated with this advanced framing technique is your time to educate your framing contractor on how to install properly.  The California corner framing technique is not new, but it isn't as widely used as it could be.

Not only will we show you a California corner, but we will also show you the energy ladder and how that will improve the energy efficiency in your new home.

The California corner...not to be confused with Sunset Blvd.

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