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Drain Tile and Your Basement

Drain tile is one of those phrases we hear a lot when talking about foundations.  But what the heck is it?  Is there really any tile in drain tile?  If you have a wet basement you need to fix or plan to start a new building project soon, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of drain tile in your home.  Check out our latest video describing the basics of drain tile.

We discuss the purpose of drain tile and give tips on for installing new drain tile so it won't clog and create a wet basement.  This video also discusses the different types of pipe used in home foundation drain tile systems.  

We review the circumstances that will allow you to eliminate your sump pump and share with you builder secrets for adding redundancy to your basement drain tile system.  This video should help you diagnose problems with your drain tile and explore solutions to a wet basement.

You will want to watch this video if you have a wet basement or if you have a new building project coming up.

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