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In this video we share tips for a quality glass subway tile backsplash installation.  From prepping the wall to review of the proper materials and tools to use, we cover all the essential quality requirements.  If you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen, check out this video.  Some of the tips we cover for a proper glass subway tile backsplash installation include...

  • Replace any soft or loose drywall
  • Prime the wall white if you are using a translucent glass tile 
  • Install electrical box extenders to bring the boxes out flush with the tile thickness
  • Require the use of white thinset mortar for translucent tile in your scopes of work
  • Insist your installer use a glass diamond blade for his/her wet saw (not just any diamond blade)
  • Make certain a non-sanded grout is used so the tiles don't get scratched
  • Have installer remove thinset mortar from tile as they are set to prevent scratches
  • Require tile contractor leave a small gap between tile and microhood for future removal for service
  • Seal grout after 72 hours of curing (or per manufacturer recommendations)

Glass subway tile backsplash installation is getting more and more popular.  Check out this video for some tips for getting yours installed.



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