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Hurricane House

Is there such a thing as a hurricane house?  Can we build a home that will withstand the tremendous pressures that come with hurricane force winds?  In this video we call hurricane house, we take a field trip out to a couple homes being built in a coastal region. We take a look at some of the products and techniques used to build a wind resistant home in high wind zones throughout the U.S.

New home design and engineering has come a long way toward getting us closer to a hurricane house.  With new methods for testing and newly engineered products, we are building homes that can withstand serious wind forces.  The building codes are constantly being updated to improve the chances of a home staying together.

For those of us who live in a coastal region, these building methods are extremely important.  We want the piece of mind that comes with building to a higher standard. A standard that uses the latest methods and products to keep our home safe.

Can we really build a hurricane house?  What if we used some of these techniques to create tornado resistant homes?  Is that even possible?  Let us know what you think.

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