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Custom Molding Ideas

In this video we share some custom molding ideas for your new space.  Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, you can incorporate these low cost molding ideas for minimal costs.  That's right, these designs will give any room a custom look at a bargain basement price.  And if you do the actual work yourself, your already low costs will be cut in half.

So what kinds of molding ideas are we talking about here?  Basically, we look at ways to replicate expensive crown moldings to create a high-end look, without the big price tag.  We will show you how to put together two or three inexpensive pieces of trim to create a larger, more custom look.  

The material for all of the molding ideas we share here can be purchased at your local home improvement store.  So the material is not only easy to get, but it also has a relatively low price.  The other nice thing about the trim we use is that it is made up of smaller pieces.  So, if you make a bad cut, you aren't losing too much.  And because the molding ideas we share are made up of small pieces, they are easier to cut for the DIY installation.




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