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Are you thinking of  building a retaining wall in your yard?  The retaining wall has become more common in the typical residential landscape.  And why shouldn't they be... new materials are making them more attractive and easier for DIY installation.  In this video we dig a little deeper into the circumstances for building a retaining wall, what the different material types are, and critical items you will want to consider when for your project.

Under what circumstances do we consider building a retaining wall?  Well there are typically two major conditions where a retaining wall can be beneficial.  First, if you have a steep drop in grade over a short distance, you may not have the space to transition the slope down properly.  In this case, you add the wall to create a quick grade transition that is easy to maintain and safe to use.

Another condition where you might consider building a retaining wall would be when you have a sloping lot.  By building a retaining wall, you can create a flat area in your yard that can be used for swimming pools, jungle gyms, parties...etc.

In this video we explore some of the important quality considerations when planning and building a retaining wall for your home.


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