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Art Niche: Glass Tile Installation

A quick and easy home update can be achieved by with an art niche with glass tile installation.  In this video we show you how to go about adding a glass tile art niche for about $30 and a few hours of your time.  We share our home update (our bath renovation) and show how we removed an old mirrored medicine cabinet and transformed the space into a focal point with an easy glass tile installation.

In this video, we show you how to prep for your new art niche and discuss how this project can be installed inexpensively on any wall that doesn't have insulation or mechanicals currently in it.  We describe the quality items to look out for during the glass tile intallation and discuss the quantity of materials and steps to completion.

We show you how to save time by pre-painting the extension jambs, trim and wall prior to installation.  We also share our method of fastening our trim to prevent nail holes.

You will want to check out this video if you're interested in a home update that will transform your space by creating a really eye catching focal point.  An art niche with glass tile installation is a home update you should consider if you have a limited budget and a few extra hours of time.



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