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A wall stone installation project can really create an impact in your home.  Stone is great for fireplaces, bar walls, columns and feature walls.  In this video we show how a drystack quartz ledgestone, available at Lowe's for $8 per square foot, is installed on an interior application. 

In this wall stone installation video we share with you tips for saving time and energy.  One example is in the selection of the stone panels themselves.  You'll want to carefully pickout your panels in the store to make certain they are all in good shape.  You will also want to check the color of each panel because with any natural stone, the colors can vary drastically from one piece to another.

Some other important builder tips we share in this wall stone installation video include...

  • Backer Board - Do you need it for this particular application?
  • Mortar - What kind of mortar should you use with this heavy product?
  • Trowel - Is there a trowel size and shape you recommend based on experience with the product?
  • Wet Saw - Does it matter what type of wet saw you use for cutting?
  • DIY - Is this a good do-it-yourself project?

We also cover how to stagger joints for a more professional look on your project.  We saved about $500 on our wall stone installation project by doing the work ourselves and you can to.

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